Our know-how
at your service

Since 1994, RESA has been providing its expertise in electronics manufacturing to numerous European customers, laboratories and SMEs.

Thanks to this solid experience, RESA is a major subcontractor for the production of electronic boards, computers and harnesses. We take care of your prototypes, small and medium series.

Our expertise in the production
of electronic boards and sub-assemblies


Electronic manufacturing

RESA is used to process components supplied by the customer or itself, and to carry out all the manufacturing tasks (procurement, warehousing, traceability, pick-and-place, hand soldering, coating, testing, integration) or only some of them, depending on the customer’s choice.

RESA’s resources cover the entire value chain:

  • Warehousing and supply ➡️ Serial number traceability
  • Process engineering and tooling ➡️  In-house methods team 
  • Machine or manual brazing ➡️ From one-offs to several hundred parts
  • Coating Stands dedicated to Silicone and Polyurethane coatings
  • In-situ and functional testing ➡️ Test room, test benches made by RESA or supplied by customers
  • Integration of control units ➡️ Complete service

Wired cabling

RESA covers the industrialisation and manufacturing stages of your cable assemblies (strands, harnesses, load racks, test benches, etc.) : 

  • Prototyping
  • Tooling design
  • Drawings and wiring instructions
  • Hardening of existing equipment
  • Wiring and inspection
  • Expertise and repair

Our design and industrialization skills

Based on its experience, RESA proposes its support to customers during design and industrialization of their products.

Customers can entrust RESA with all or part of their electronic boards design activities.

RESA processes allow customers to outsource activities for which they will keep full visibility on schedule and technical performance.

To carry out these activities, RESA drawn on its in-house skills and resources, as well as its strong industrial network.

  • Design and modification of electronic schematics
  • Layout and routing of printed circuits
  • Mechanical design
  • Parts procurement
  • Industrialization and production of prototypes and series units

Design and production of
test benches

As an extension of its test services, RESA can design and build the test benches needed to check that boards and ECUs are working properly.

Based on customer specifications or an existing “lab” bench, RESA, with the help of its partners, can provide the following services:

RESA’s experience in cabling and testing for space productions enables our teams to fully understand the constraints associated with testing sensitive cards and computers.

Managing the risk on the equipment under test is at the heart of our concerns.

  • Requirements analysis
  • Drafting of specifications
  • Technical and budgetary proposal
  • Electronic and mechanical design
  • Software development
  • Sourcing
  • Production of test stands and racks
  • Functional validation

Mastered technologies for your electronic boards and sub-assemblies

RESA ÉLECTRONIQUE provides technological expertise for your applications in harsh environments such as aeronautics, space, defence, medical, etc. We are equipped with over 1,000 m2 of clean rooms to meet the cleanliness standards and constraints of the most demanding sectors.

Stock management, traceability, component preparation, automatic or semi-automatic SMD wiring, reflow, wave soldering, mobile probe testing, BGA/CGA installation and repair, varnishing, functional testing, equipment integration.

Resources for your electronics projects, from prototyping to medium-scale production

Over 1000m² of clean rooms

Computerized stock management (storage in clean areas, under nitrogen or dry air)

Components degolding/pretinning and solder-dipping tools and fixtures

Flatpack leads forming systems, up to 352 CQFPs

2 automated production lines (Screen printing, SPI, Pick-and-Place, reflow, 3D AOI)

BGA and leadless components soldering and repair station

Wave soldering machines for through hole technology boards

40 hand soldering stations

3 coating stations (Separated silicon and polyurethan areas)